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One in Eight People


Struggle with Hunger

1 in 5


Struggle with Hunger

People facing hunger in District Of Columbia are estimated to report needing 


more per year to meet their food needs.

In District Of Columbia, 84,380 people are struggling with hunger - and of them 26,800 are children.

Project Feed 5000.heic

PROJECT FEED 5000 is a collaborative commitment by Greater Mt Calvary Holy Church, Family Life Community Center and Crowder Owens Food Bank to address the increasing issue of hunger in our nation’s capital.  In a city with some of the highest income per capita, 1 in 8 people are suffering from hunger and 1 in 5 children are suffering from the same.  In metropolitan DC, this accounts for 641,000 adults and over 200,000 children who go to bed not having eaten enough food for the day.  By providing Thanksgiving boxes for 4,000 families, PROJECT FEED 5000 is partnering with organizations and individuals who are committed to being the change they wish to see.  



Join Us

in the fight to end hunger this holiday season. You can take action to fight hunger in our community!


The Family Life Community Center

The Family Life Community Center, located at 605 Rhode Island Ave NE, has been serving metropolitan DC for over 15 years through powerful programs, strategic partnerships and wholesome events for the entire family.  With a focus on the holistic needs and development of families and the community at large; promoting healthy, positive lifestyles; and responding to the challenges, changes and needs of the community, FLCC is enhancing the quality of life, empowering and inspiring individuals to live their best lives.  Through fitness, health & wellness, after-school programs, mentoring, adult training, job readiness, support, mental health programs and more, FLCC models true community service with integrity, kindness, and love.  

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The Susie E. Crowder Owens Empowerment Center
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The Susie E. Crowder Owens Empowerment Center offers a people’s choice food bank and clothing boutique for individuals who are experiencing financial difficulty by providing food and clothing free of charge.  Guests of the Empowerment Center are offered an environment of hope and dignity during financial crisis.

Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church

Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church  was established in 1966 by Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr.. With a mission to Exalt Christ, Equip the Believer and Embrace the Community this church has grown from a membership of 7 to nearly 7,000. In addition, to it's primary objective of spreading the message and love of Jesus Christ, the church specializes in community outreach. Its expansive outreach ministry includes programs and organizations such as Calvary Healthcare, CATAADA House (Calvary's Alternative to Alcohol and Drug Abuse), the Calvary Job Bank and Training Center, the Family Life Community Center, and the Susie E. Crowder Owens Empowerment Center.

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A Letter from our Director

In Washington, DC, the terms “food insecurity”, “food hardship” and “food accessibility” provide hunger definitions for over 641,000 of our residents.  Second only to Mississippi, DC has the highest rate of food hardship in the country.  What does this mean?

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